Grown Ups Review

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Reviews
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Adam Sandler

While Adam Sandler’s latest movie outing, Grown Ups, offers nothing in the way of deep meaningful insights into the deep connection between a grown man and his inner child it achieves what most Adam Sandler films set out to accomplish, a crude, obvious but still humorous 2 hour long film.

Throughout the duration of the film humour is heaped upon the viewer in a torrent of practical humour. While the jokes may be crude and obvious, without any attempt at subtlety they still caused the cinema audience to burst into rounds of laughter numerous times through the screening. There is enough laughter generated by this film to warrant a number of views for the whole family. Of course there is nothing in this film to make it a comedy classic, indeed it falls short of doing anything other than giving you an excuse to waste 102 minutes of your life in a relaxed state of semi coma. Yet for those nights when exhaustion weighs heavy and you want nothing more than to laugh at a group of guys messing around you cannot go far wrong with Grown Ups.

In terms of cast each actor gives a strong performance, particularly Chris Rock who’s character struggles as a stay at home father continually overlooked by his wife and berated by her mother. As always Chris Rock’s portrayal is strong and funny as is Sandler’s and David Spade’s. I wish to bring particular attention to David Spade who for a long time has done little in terms of big Hollywood films. In this film however, his character is one of the main sources of entertainment and shoulders the role very well. Together these actors have evolved a mundane script into a decent comedy. The skills of this cast could have taken the film to a whole new level but they were inevitably let down by poor direction and a rough script that could have used a few more months being sharpened. Overall the film is a predictable and unimaginative way to tell the story of a group of friends having to rebuild lost friendships and pass on what they loved to their children and in some cases their partners.


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