Saving tips: Giving you enough money to burn

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Articles
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By Jamie Hall

Giving you enough money to burn

The room whistles to the sound of blowing breeze and rolling tumbleweeds. The old lime scale coated kettle has long since given up the ghost and gone off to the land of floating kettles and teapots. The toaster has burnt its soul out in a last blaze of burnt toast glory and has ended up in taking the short trip to the bin.

If any of this sounds familiar or if you simply want to add a bit of colour to your new halls of residence and make it feel more like the comfort of the home you have tentatively released from the grasp of childhood, then there is one particular store that your attention should be turned to.

Wilkinson’s is a long established hardware store that offers a wide range of goods from everyday toiletries right through to big home appliances. The store is a staple for most fresher’s students who find the cheap prices a black light within an otherwise red mist of potential debt and poverty. When asked what the company offers students the assistant manager was clear to point out the “fantastic range of products all offered at great value for money.” For a few weeks before the beginning of term a ‘back to college’ promotion line is launched which is focused entirely on offering new students the essential products they need. Such items include kettles, toasters and irons, all of which are sold for under a fiver and are all of great quality. Other essentials include fifty pence bowls, plates and mugs that give any student an excuse to use the savings to buy the extra shot that takes them from a slightly wavy vision to a totally horizontal view. For those of you more concerned with filling your stomach with warm food than with alcohol the savings you find by shopping at this store can be the difference between a tin of cold beans and a hot plate of spaghetti. For more information on eating good food for low prices check out our other articles.


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