The awakening

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Creative Writing, Stories
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I woke cold and terrified in the midnight gloom of the hotel room. I shivered beneath the thin blankets and groped out for my glasses. I cursed loudly as my hand cracked against the lamp and sent the small glass of water careering off into the darkness; I heard it thud softly upon the lush carpet.

Finally my hands closed around the small, delicate frames of my glasses and I quickly pressed them onto my face, the gloom receded slightly as my eyes were able to focus, but still the weight of the darkness pushed me against the bed. The nightmare was still thudding across my brain and I pressed my knuckles deep into my temples in a desperate attempt to recede the burning pain, but it lingered still searing white hot at the back of my eyes. My pillow was damp with a mixture of sweat and tears. I struggled to stop from crying again as fresh images from the nightmare flashed bright and vivid across my mind.

I stumbled clumsily from the comfort of the bed and cursed once more as I stepped in the puddle from the spilt water. I felt blindly in the darkness and at last found the light switch. A bright light in the centre of the room blinked into life and I shielded myself the harsh whiteness as it pierced my eyes and made the migraine scream yet still louder. Bollocks. I immediately switched the lights back off and resumed my slow stumbling progress towards the bathroom. Grunting with the pain blasting around in my head I eventually reached the elegant bathroom and made my way towards the cabinet, within which lay my relief. Three small white pills slithered slowly down my throat and the crushing pain began to ease slightly. I risked turning the small light above the mirror on. A pale yellow glow spread slowly through the white tiled room and I blinked back the remainder of the receding migraine.

Before I could even take in a breath of relief the mirror sprang into violent and bloody life. The glass began to crack and bubble, the liquid glass oozed sickeningly down the wall before dripping delicately to the tiled floor. The faint splash of each droplet stung my head and forced me to clamp my eyes shut as I vomited into the sink.

When the immediate desire to vomit had passed I looked back to the mirror which was as pristine as ever, its glass remained in its frame and the cracks and bubbles that had seemed so real a moment ago had ceased to be. Instead something much more terrifying began to take shape within the mirror. A face, severed and rotting floated from the distance and slammed into the glass of the mirror as though trying to escape a world trapped within the glass. A scream, loud and terrifying roared from the floating head and the whites of its eyes began to roll until two pupils, both of piercing red, stared out accusingly at me. Blood dripped from the severed arteries of the neck and I tore my eyes away from the mirror.

The horrors continued to flash across my closed eyes and I stumbled and screamed as I lost my footing on the tiles. I felt myself fall through the air and opened my eyes just in time to find myself crashing through the shower curtain. I splashed heavily into the bath tub and recoiled in terror. The body of my wife lay where I had left it. Her throat gaped open like a second mouth and the bright white of the spine seemed to mock the horror of the blood that filled the bath tub like water. A skin had begun to develop across the top of the blood and I felt the sticky liquid covering my arms.

The discarded knife bobbed softly on the disturbed blood and I once more felt my head go light and bright white stars exploded across my vision before the world went black and I crumpled silently to the floor.


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