Tribal Wars: A field of blood

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Reviews
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A village in its later stages

In a world of shifting alliances and bloody steel very few warriors ever make it to the top of the world. Leaving countless enemies in their wake the warriors who do rise to power do so with a bloody sword in one hand and a knife to backstab in the other. This world of ever shifting powers and political mastery is known simply as, Tribal Wars.

Only a few years ago did this world open to the community at large and since then countless wars have been raged across countless worlds in countless countries. Players from all corners of the planet have come together to bask in the bloodstained fields and smite enemies both pitifully weak and frighteningly large. This game is neither for the young nor the old. People of all ages, races and creeds fight together in families more tight and loyal than any before them.

Whatever you want from a game Tribal Wars will be able to deliver. Whether you wish to spill the blood of any in your way or you wish to come and make peaceful alliances to take control of the continent for your ‘family’, this game will deliver.

Tribal Wars is a great place to come and make friends that go way beyond the game itself. It is a complex and shifting community with vast forums that range from music to books and to the game itself.

Anyway I surely digress from the point.

Tribal Wars is a browser based game that starts with you controlling one weak and pitiful village that you must grow into a mighty force with a large army to back up your diplomatic persuasion and the interests of your tribe. Once your force is in place and your surrounding neighbours have been made aware of your control it may be time for the nobles to make a home in your town. With these magnificent individuals under your command you are free to expand your majestic command to more villages.

Continuing this process you will soon find yourself in command of numerous villages and you will be able to influence much more than any before you. You will be able to sway wars in your favour and your men will wipe opposition from the face of the world.

I joined Tribal Wars on a number of different worlds on different servers so I could get the greatest view of the game as possible. I have continued in these worlds long after I achieved my aims and I will continue to play the game. It is one of the best browser games on the web and I am extremely impressed.

Clearly the above is a very brief review of what Tribal Wars is but the rest is best to learn in game. Experience counts for much on Tribal Wars and it is highly recommended to join, learn and have fun.


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