Street Art Manifesto

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Key Concepts, Media

1)      Our art shall inspire the people to stand against the oppression of authority to create a fairer more just society.

2)      We shall fight for the people. Our art will have meaning and will strive to push the frontiers of society to challenge and help the people.

3)      We must be unique, we cannot stay within the frame of the past, we must strive to grasp the future and pull the world ahead out of the dark oppression of the past and bring us into the light of freedom and equality.

4)      Our art will not force itself upon the people by using public walls for canvas.

5)      Our art is art not vandalism; people should not be forced to see our art. We are for the people we need them to love our art not see it through the veil of hatred.

6)      We must tell a tale. Before brush is put to canvas a story needs to be shown, break the veils of lies and deceit to show the light of truth beyond.

7)      Our art will throw down the chains of contemporary art and branch into every form of media. We shall use film, language and objects to show the art we feel.

8)      We shall be edgy we shall not bow to conventions we shall speak our mind regardless of consequence and we shall not veil the truth. Horror, anger, sorrow all will be shown in equal measure to joy and happiness.

9)      We have a voice. A voice to pass to the people. A voice to show the truth. A voice we need to express and our art will be our medium of choice.

10)    Our art form shall encompass not just painting. We shall embrace the written word. Poetry will embellish our message as will literature. Photos will add weight to our arguments and music will be the emotional soundtrack to our life.

Jamie hall


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