Reflection on Cabinet of Curisoities

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Cabinet of Curiosities, final folio

Below is my reflection on my cabinet of curiosities.

Why skiing? What is it that made me choose this as the subject of my cupboard of curiosities?    On the face of it I love skiing. The excitement you get from throwing yourself down a snow covered slope with just two planks on the bottom of your feet is unparalleled. When you rush from the top of a mountain to the bottom in twenty minutes the pulsing rush of adrenaline through your body is exhilarating and cannot be forgotten. It’s that immense thrill that has always remained with me and for that reason you can consider my love for skiing as the basic reason for my choosing it.   Yet if I delve deeper into the meanings behind my choice, I can see a new side of my personality beyond the basic thrill seeking surface. I saw Skiing as something I know, something safe and easy. I know enough about it for me to be able to accomplish the task easily.   Maybe I should have stretched myself. Challenged myself by focusing on something more difficult. Life is not easy and university will not be a walkover, I will be challenged, I will be stressing and pulling my hair out. For this reason I should take every opportunity open to me to push my boundaries, learn new things and grow both emotionally and intellectually.    If I float through the rest of mywork I will not achieve my full potential and will risk the rest of my life in the process. Therefore looking back on my cabinet I have to make a promise to myself to delve into the darker places of my soul to learn who I really am, what makes me me, and to challenge myself and push what I can do so that I may leave university ready for a life I cannot imagine. And while I do not know what this life will be I know it will not all be easy and pushing myself hard now will help me overcome whatever obstacles I may find in my path.


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