Tough time for Obama as he loses majority in the House.

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Articles

Obama loses the House of Representatives

It was a night wrought with tension and frustration for the embattled President as he saw his control of Congress slip through his fingers.

For the first time in 70 years there was a dramatic shift in favour of the Republican party.

Exit polls produced found that out of every 10 people asked 9 believed the economy was in bad shape and that the same number felt negative about the potential future of the American economy.

The prevailing consensus still places George Bush as the cause of the economic crisis but Americans are holding Obama personally responsible for not having fixed it within his first 2 years in office. It seems the term “you break it you pay for it” was twisted during these elections to “even if you don’t break it you pay for it” and Obama is being punished for Bush’s past mistakes.

Obama’s current trouble stems from his defiant call of “This is Obama’s economy. That’s fine give it me.” A statement that has come round to kick him in the butt and give the Republicans an emphatic turn around in the house of representatives. In fact it’s a turn around that has given the Republican party 10 new governorships,  60 more seats in the House and 6 new seats in the senate.

Now Obama will be forced to work with the Republican party in order to pass new laws, a potentially disastrous outcome that could make his job much more difficult in handling both unemployment and the economic issues.
Voters are no longer trusting the Democrats and with ‘true’ unemployment figures pushing the 17% mark it is no wonder that new healthcare acts that wont come into affect until 2014 have done little to ease the populations anger over such large unemployment figures.

Obama still has control over the White House and the Senate but if he wants to regain the House of Representatives and gain a second term in office he needs to deal with the economic devastation and win back the support of the American public.


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