Wind farm plans fall through

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Articles

Plans to build dozens of new wind farms has hit a brick wall after local revolts against the plans have continued with fierce passion.
The plans were proposed as a way of providing the country with more than a quarter of its electrical needs.These new wind farms are essential if we are to have any chance of cutting our dependency on coal or natural gas power.

However, with locals so opposed to such plans the permission for such farms are at an all time low with only 1 in every 3 proposals being given the green light. With a total of 230 local campaign groups currently working to stop wind farms being built many planned farms are never leaving the drawing board.
The recession is also playing its part in the 30% drop in the number of wind farms being built. Together both factors have begun to shed doubt on the governments proposal that by 2020 they will generate 20% of the countries energy needs through renewable sources.
With wind farms looking less and less likely to be able to supply enough electricity it falls upon other means to make up the shortfall.
The most popular alternative is to build a large tidal generator that could be built far out to sea and use the movement of the sea to provide a large amount of power.
One of the biggest complaints about wind farms are their impact upon a persons view and how they look in relation to the surrounding countryside. One of the big plus points for the tidal generator is the fact it would be invisible from shore and so have no impact upon the aesthetics of the surrounding land.
But whatever plans are chosen in the end it is clear to the government and green campaigners that something must be done soon. With natural resources almost running on empty we need to find a new method to power our world
With such a need for projects like wind farms many green campaigners believe human desire for a good view should be ignored and the work to revive the planet should be given precedence.


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