Genre Conventions

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Key Concepts, Media

After meeting up with a few members of my group and discussing different genres in specific areas (we focused on TV and film) I have begun to think more closely when I watch such media.We focused on Comedy show and Sci-Fi films in particular an managed to discuss and agree on a number of different stereotypes and characteristics associated with those genres. For instance, one of the biggest things thought of with Sci-Fi films are technological advancement and alien races. With comedy shows we immediately agreed that they often focus on a group of friends, like in Friends and Big Bang Theory.   I have learnt that when most films of these genres stick to those characteristics there a few, many of them more recently, that have attempted to break the mould of the genre to offer their viewers a more unique viewing experience.   From what I have learnt I can now see that many films I watch that are the same genre hold many things in common. One thing about action films like Bourne, The Matrix or Die Hard are that they all focus on person who is often outnumbered by pursuing enemies but they have the almost ‘superhuman’ skills and abilities that always enable them to come from the brink of defeat to win. They are also centred upon American hero’s which is difficult to relate to in other cultures. British action films such as James Bond have also become huge Blockbuster film and can now be seen to more comparable to American Films in terms of content, such as huge action sequences and almost superhuman characters.

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    Gerald Inman 20th Many of the indie films have started circumventing the large studios by showcasing their films at film festivals showing snippets of the film on video websites to entice movie goers using direct distribution over cable and direct distribution through pay per view services through my Internet and Cable providers. The was little more than 5 dollars but it was great because got chance to see these great films without having to leave my home.

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