Real life Tomb Raider Arrested

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Articles, History
Italian police claim to have found the lost tomb of Caligula, the Roman Emperor. The police say they arrested a man as he struggled to smuggle a statue of the notorious emperor abroad. This statue was reportedly found at a previously unknown site.
Caligula is often known as an insane emperor after sleeping with his sisters, delighting in murder and trying to appoint his horse into the role of Consul. He only ruled for four years.
Caligula met his end at the edge of 28 at the hands of his Praetorian guard. Now this new site is the target of many archaeologists are eager to search for his remains.
The man who supposedly found this site was arrested near Lake Nemi, south of Rome. The police caught his as he attempted to load part of a 2.5 metre statue into a lorry. The area in question was home to a villa for the emperor along with a floating temple and a floating palace. These buildings were sadly destroyed in the second world war.

The statue was estimated to be worth around €1m. It is said to be made of a rare greek marble. Excavations of the site will begin today.


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