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Jamie Hall

25 seconds

As the recession continues to bite into the country’s economy, the banks continue to refuse to loosen the restrictions on mortgage rates for young first time buyers.

This has left first time buyers with no option other than to save and wait until they have enough money to make up the banks shortfall. This has continued to push the average age of first time buyers to its highest point in recent years.

To find out what it is like for a first time buyer during the economic crisis Jamie Hall took to the streets to find a young couple struggling to find the money they need.


Looking back at the creation of my radio package I can see clear parts of which I am particularly proud and equal areas of which I am rather disappointed. However I am glad to say that i can see clearly where I could improve if I was to re-do my radio package. After deciding that I would focus on the housing market and mortgage rates for my radio package I quickly set about finding a young couple who were looking to try and obtain a mortgage. This interview was easy enough. I managed to find a young woman to interview within a few days of getting the assignment and the interview itself was easy to record. However, one problem I had with this interview was that the audio clip I chose to use for my package had me asking the woman a question however, I did not speak into the microphone during the questioning as I kept it closer to the interviewee. This unfortunately meant that when listening to the recoding it was difficult to hear my question over the sound of the traffic. I therefore decided to try re-recording just my questioning while I was at home. Unfortunately I had to resort to using the microphone I have just for use on my laptop. This microphone was ok for picking up my voice and I was able to record and paste in a new recording of my question and it doesn’t sound like I have edited it in. Yet it is quite obvious when listening to the package that my questions were recorded at a later time and with a poorer microphone. Because of this problem with sound quality I would ensure that for the next package I compile I will speak louder and slower into the microphone during an interview and if I do have to re-record my questioning I will use the same microphone to ensure the two recordings sound the same.

For my second interview I decided to interview a mortgage specialist from either a bank or a building society. To do this I went in to a number of different banks including Lloyds TSB and Natwest. Unfortunately these all refused to talk to me based on the fact that it was to be broadcast on radio. However, I was lucky enough to get an interview with a member of the management team at the local nationwide branch. Due to legal reasons the manager explained that I would not be able to record the interview. While this made it more difficult I was able to use the notes I made during the interview to write a script detailing what had occurred during the interview with all the key points and important findings. I was then able to have another member of the course read out this script for me which I was then able to record. This worked well as the script was able to cover the best points of the interview and gave the best tips the bank manager had for first time buyers in a short amount of time. However the main problem with using a script was that it was clearly read from a set script and was obviously not a real interview which could make my package seem false and make it appear that I am faking interviews to make the results agree with what I want. To improve this next time I would make sure the audience know that it is scripted from a real interview by quickly explaining that for legal reasons I couldn’t record the bank employee but that in the interview this was discovered. That way I can interview the bank manager, write a script and the audience will be aware that it is a real interview but that legal constraints means it has to be written up and read out by somebody else. If I was to re-do this package I wouldn’t be able to remove the scripted interview because of the legal constraints. I needed to interview a bank employee and if they are unable to be recorded then there is little I can do about it and scripting the interview was the only way I could include a bank manager and so while it isn’t perfect it is a necessary imperfection. Another problem with my bank interview was the same as the first interview. When writing the script I did not plan to include a question from me however when editing the audio and listening to it back I felt it would be best to include a question from me and that this would also increase the length of the audio which was slightly shorter than I had planned for. Again I unfortunately used a poorer quality microphone and I feel this has damaged the quality of both the scripted interview and the package as a whole. If I was to re-do the package I would plan my script better and listen to it back before leaving the studio so that I could know I needed to ask a question while I was still with my friend and the equipment so that we could re-read the script with my question added in.

My final interview posed new problems to me. The final interview I conducted for my package was with a local independent estate agents. While the interview itself went well and I managed to get some good answers to my questions with some of the best tips the estate agent gives to her first time buyers. I am pleased with this interview as I feel it gives some good tips to first time buyers struggling to find a house as this was the primary goal I wanted my package to achieve. However this time I found a slight problem with the equipment I used. I took an ediroll from the university and it was all working fine when I checked it at University. As I started it recording however, the microphone didn’t seem to be picking up the sound very well and soon it had stopped working all together and as I had forgotten to bring spare batteries with me I was forced to use the edirolls internal microphone to record the interview. While the quality is still good, and much better than that of my own microphone, I didn’t put the input up on the ediroll when I removed the microphone which meant that the audio was quite quiet when I came to editing it. Luckily though I was able to increase the audio to the same level as the other two interviews on adobe auditions. Another problem I faced with this interview was the editing of it. The estate agent had three main tips for first time buyers but these were very spread out over a twenty minute audio recording. I feel I edited the audio down well and managed to place these three tips together without it sounding obviously edited. However I do feel that at some points I wasn’t able to edit it anymore without it sounding even more edited. I feel I did this editing well with my knowledge of the software and sound editing but If I had had more time on the software prior to this I believe I could have done a better job at editing but I am pleased with the end result considering my level of editing ability and prior experience.

Overall I am pleased with the end result of my package and am pleased with my ability to get interviews and conduct them when I do. I feel I need more experience with interviewing people as at the beginning of them I was nervous and spoke too quickly meaning the first few minutes of the recordings aren’t usable from my side. However, this won’t be an issue in subsequent packages as my confidence grows and it wasn’t a big problem in this package as I was able to edit myself out. This did however, led to my problem with a sub-par microphone being used as I wasn’t able to use myself from the interviews. This will be easily altered in another package as I will make sure to use the correct equipment and speak louder and slower into the microphone during the interview itself. This is the main issue I have with my package as I also had to use this microphone to record my parts in between interviews. This was due to me leaving these parts too late and not being able to use the studio or ediroll equipment. This does make my package sound rather poor and is a big disappointment in what I feel is an otherwise good and informative package. The next time I compile a package I will make sure I plan more clearly for it so that this sort of thing does not happen again and I can use the correct equipment and not be having to rely on microphones not meant for the purpose.


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