Cues for Live Bulletin day

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ban Ki-Moon

Jamie Hall

20 seconds


The United Nations secretary general has called for all allied nations to stand resolute together in the face of the Libyan crisis.

This has come after a second night of bombing by the allied forces against Libyans military strongholds.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has said it is crucial there is a strong relationship between the 22 nations opposed to Colonel Gaddaffi.

Electricty restored

Jamie Hall

19 seconds


Japanese authorities have managed to restore electricity to three of the reactors at the stricken Nuclear plant, damaged in last week’s earthquake and tsunami.

However, the cooling systems are still not operating and according to the head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the situation continues to “remain very serious.”

After smoke was seen rising from the number 3 reactor the workers were evacuated in case of contamination leaks.


Jamie Hall

22 seconds


Police in Swindon have continued their search for a local woman who has been missing since Saturday morning.

Sian O’Callaghan was last seen leaving the Suju nightclub on Saturday morning.

Wiltshire Police have been seen focusing their search on the forests surrounding the town, after it is believed a call was made from her cell phone close to the area.

The police have continued to call on the public to come forward with any information they may have regarding the disappearance.


Jamie Hall

20 seconds


A recent report by the Ernst and Young Finance Club, has suggested that the government has begun to take control of the country’s finance, with an expected windfall of 8 billion pounds to be felt in the near future.

Such a large amount of money has been attributed to the recent increases in tax revenue and the governments continued spending cuts.

However experts have warned that the risk to economic growth has risen in recent months.

Cheating Students

Jamie Hall

18 seconds


The number of students caught cheating at Coventry University has increased dramatically over the past five years.

In the 2009 to 2010 year 428 students were found to have cheated compared to just 74 students 4 years ago. This is equivalent to a 500% increase.

I talked to Lecturer Marcos Young about his thoughts on the issue…

Local Thugs

Jamie Hall

23 seconds


Two local thugs who launched an horrific attack on an undercover police officer, have now been jailed after appearing at Coventry Crown Court.

PC Richard Rehead was working undercover in the hillfields area of Coventry. when he was attacked by Kalbir Bahid and Dalvir Gill of Foleshill.

The court heard how the two men attacked PC Redhead and his partner even after they identified themselves as Police officers.

The court jailed Gill for 18 months and Bahid for 24 months.


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