Live Newsday

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Reflection on live Newsday bulletin

While the Newsday gave me a great chance to assess my journalistic ability to gather and write up current news stories it also gave me a chance to see how i worked under pressure and to strict deadlines.
I feel that from this aspect I performed well. I found all my stories quickly and set about writing short cues for my news bulletin. I was also able to go out and find an interview based upon a recent local story. However, this is one of the disappointments I had with my bulletin. The local story was based upon the cheating scandal at Coventry University, a story most of the group had decided to use. The majority of people had also decided to interview Marcos Young for this story, the same lecturer i used for my audio clip to accompany this story. This was the weakest story in my bulletin and if i was to re-do this bulletin I would have taken more time to find a different local story that would have been used by less people and so made my story more unique.
However, this slight issue aside I believe I performed well at the bulletin as a whole. My cues were well written and easy to read which meant I made very few mistakes as I was reading them out. I also made myself talk more slowly and clearer than I normally do which improved the quality of my bulletin and while still slightly too fast and not as clear as I would like it shows I am making progress with my broadcasting ability over the course of this term.
My cues were perfect in length along with the audio as the final clip of my bulletin is just slightly short than 3 minutes which was the target we were to aim for. This is very good as i don’t believe i rushed through the cues and spoke more slowly and clearer than I normally do when broadcast as nerves normally make me speak too fast.
One of the biggest challenges for me on the Newsday was to do with technical issues rather than anything to do with me. After I had recorded my bulletin we discovered the recorder had stopped working at some point close to my bulletin so I had to go back into the studio and record it again. This time however my audio clips i had uploaded to the radio desk had been deleted and I was live before I could reload them so my second recording didn’t have the essential audio clips. I dealt with this well and would have been able and willing to come back in the next day to re-record the bulletin for a third time. Luckily however, this wasn’t necessary as we discovered at the end of the day that my first try was actually recorded.
Overall I am very pleased with my bulletin and believe i have improved on my broadcasting ability over this course and did well at finding, writing and reading out my bulletin.


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