Extra Curricular Activity

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Creative Writing, final folio

Maybe this wouldn’t be considered as an extra curricular activity by most but with every spare moment i get between University and Work i spend it with the most important person in my life.

When at first I looked upon your face,

I saw not a mortal being.

But an angel from the age of myths and legends,

A beauty far beyond those of dreams and tales.

From across that crowded room I saw my future,

And my past.

You were the light that could make me whole,

The only one made to complete my story.

Soulmate is term coined by poets,

But one of them I am not.

My words are crude,

But my meaning is clear.

I love you with a fierce burning,

A deep seated longing,

All primal and dark.

My hands wander over the cover sea each night,

As I drown in the darkness of my dreams.

I scour my memories to find the image with which to remember.

Remember the days,

The minutes,

And the seconds.

Blessed with the presence of you.


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