Andy Kershaw at Coventry Conversation

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Articles, final folio

Who is Andy Kershaw? Before his visit to Coventry University I would have answered that he was a radio DJ, albeit a rather famous and successful one. Now however, I am far more enlightened as to the real Mr Kershaw.

From a young age it is journalism, not radio, that has captivated Andy’s heart and drawn him onwards to situations that have made him face his own mortality and come away from it not only with his life but a story of such magnitude it was worth being under fire and having to escape on foot across a country struggling under the impact of a genocide.

Andy Kershaw quickly brings us back from the horrors of the Rwandan Genocide to the great musical legacy he left behind after his time at Leeds University. Pushing himself into organising music concerts gave Andy Kershaw a taste of what he could do in the world of music.

Taking a love of music into his radio career Andy quickly gave his producers a migraine as he refused to follow a set script and instead ploughed onwards into the unknown. He championed music from Africa and the Caribbean bringing world music to the masses of Radio 1.

From radio Andy has led a troubled private life. After breaking up with his long term partner Andy has been bouncing in and out of jail for breaking his restraining order, an order he maintains is unjust and has kept his children away from him for two years.

Andy finished his talk with one simple piece of advise. If there is something out there that excites you and fills with excitement follow it. Chase your dreams and don’t let anything else get in the way and achieving what you want.


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