Final Letter to Self

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Creative Writing, final folio

Where do I begin with this letter? Well for one thing I have a bit of a problem. See ive already read this letter way back when I was you and you were someone else entirely. This means I already know what im supposed to be writing here. And while that means I can be done in five minutes and back to watching some TV ive come to the realisation that perhaps fate is true and our futures are written and cannot be changed. Every word I read a year ago has not changed and in a years time these will be typed once more by you so take notice, print this off and keep it somewhere safe. When you come to type you will have lost the print out but not to worry you will find it hidden down the back of the sofa after an hour of hunting.

As I knew I would ive gone wildly of track and must come back around to focus on the purpose of this letter. I have just completed my first year of University and boy was it a damn good year. You my old friend are in for a hell of ride. I know that as you are reading this you are wondering what lies in store for you. Well without giving too much away or shouting spoiler alerts let me just say that your creative juices will well and truly flow as you set about making adverts, articles and even a fine short film. Damn exciting stuff I assure you.

I know you aren’t worrying and for that I have a deep respect for you. While you wont struggle too much with the workload I have to say for next year I am slightly fearful. I fear the burdens of the next year. But shall we just say that so long as Kerry is here to lend and ear and help me as best she can I will be able to get though and I will be able to face whatever is in front of me. Even if my life leads to the path of mediocrity I will be as happy as anyone in the world as long as I can come home to my beautiful wife and a small screaming child nestled in my arms.

I read through your letter and its right here beside me as I write this and im thinking that you could not be more right. I know you, possibly better than even you do, I know your dreams your secrets and your every thought. But you don’t know anything about me. Then again looking back I don’t see how I have changed much. I’m more like you than I think you may realise. We hold the same dreams my friend nothing has changed this past year except our experiences and our friends.

There is not much else I can tell you the year will be a surprise, a wonderful one at that. Do not fear it will pass in the blink of an eye so you must enjoy it all and not worry about the pointless little things.

Right now most of the hard work is behind me and a nice long break lies ahead. I promise I will make the most of this break and try and reach some of the goals and dreams we both hold.

Good luck my friend I know you will do well and look forward to meeting you on this day in a years time. Enjoy every day you only get each day once.


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