Jon Snow Coventry Conversation

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Articles, final folio

The latest Coventry conversation took place today and we were all treated to a visit from one of the biggest names in British Journalism. The visiting Professor of Journalism and channel 4 news anchor, Jon Snow, visited us today and gave us a great insight into the world of journalism that Snow is right at the for-front of.

Jon Snow is hugely experienced within the Journalism industry and is more than willing to share his experiences with any who are willing to come and listen to him talk.

The talk started with Jon talking about his most recent experiences in the world of Journalism, those of the horrific Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami: “As soon as it happened we knew it

was a big deal,” explained Jon. He went on to elaborate that this realisation of the dramatic impact of this earthquake led Channel 4 to send three news teams to report on the event as it unfolded, something the channel did not normally do.

When it came to heading to Japan Jon recalled the problems he and his team encountered in getting to the devastated region. After having to transfer at numerous airports and finally swap to a train Jon and his team were finally able to see the damage of the earthquake and tsunami first hand.

Jon Snow then went on to explain that one of the most important things a journalist can do is witness events for himself to gather his own impressions and pictures rather than relying upon a multitude of different pictures and quotes from numerous individuals and corporations.  “The problem with using collection of images from different sources is that it doesn’t give a full or personal perspective.”

During the conversation Jon admitted his love of new technologies that could help improve the field of news reporting. Including Youtube and Twitter. He explained how he hoped that these new technologies could work with more traditional forms of news reporting to create a “Golden Age” for journalism.

Jon Snow gave a down to earth talk and passed numerous nuggets of advice for any wanna be journalists in the audience. He was happy to share any experiences he was asked about and gave a very entertaining and inspiring talk that showed just how exciting a career in journalism can be.


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