The Man from Nowhere

Posted: May 19, 2011 in final folio, Reviews

The Man from Nowhere stars Won Bin as Cha Tae-Sik a reclusive brooding individual with a shady past, who spends most of his days closed off from the rest of the world in his dingy apartment near the pawn shop he runs. Generally Cha Tae Sik avoids any contact with the rest of humanity beyond the running of his shop. The one exception to this comes in the form of a young girl who lives above them. She is the neglected daughter of a drug addict. Thanks to their shared status of outsiders the two characters share a kindred spirit type relationship.

While such a pairing seems unlike it is clearly a genuine relationship filled with mutual admiration and a genuine connecton. Not only do the friends share there meals but Cha’s flat is a safe haven for the girl when her mother is high. The relationship builds and continues to become stronger. In one scene we see Cha allowing the girl to paint his nails. Just as the audience begins to feel that the strong barriers surrounding Cha’s character may be tumbling down, the girls mother makes a foolish decision to involve herself in a plot to rob a drug dealer.

Predictably the plan goes quickly into the fan as the drug dealer tacks his stolen goods back to the girls mother and the pawnshop. The mother and daughter are quickly kidnapped with the mother being dispatched from this life. This leads a now frantic Cha to look back into his past to help save his young friend.

It is at this point that Cha’s secret past working as an assassin for the Korean secret service sneaks back into his life of solitude and peace. It is quickly apparent that Cha is not a man to make angry and the drug dealing cartel soon discover the truth behind the lonely pawn shop owner brooding exterior.

The Man From Nowhere has some impressive action scenes with some ultra violent sequences that culminate in an orgy of knives, guns and fountains of blood that splash across the screen as our hero sets about decapitating anyone standing in between him and the young girl.

Without doubt Korea has found itself a grand new action hero in the lead actor Won Bin. Despite having little dialogue to deepen his character Won Bin was able to create not just a talented violent killer but an emotional man haunted by a past he tries desperately to escape. But when it comes to the violence Bin is an excellent actor that twirls across the screen hacking and stabbing with ruthless ferocity that makes it one of the best scenes I have seen in any film.

The Man From Nowhere is a great accomplishment not just for Korean Cinema but for Cinema in general and is a must see for any movie lover. I dare you not to be drawn in by Cha as you follow his descent back in to the life of a professional killer to save the one person he cares about.

  1. michelle says:

    i want to watch this but how……my little bro bought a dvd of iris..i like it…

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