More children now reading E-books.

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Articles, Reviews, Stories
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A new study has recently revealed that given the choice between printed or electronic books, most children will choose to read electronically.

The study was conducted in a short space of time and with a very small sample group of just 24 families, with children ranging in age between three to six. The study concluded that the majority of children preferred to read on an electronic format.

Carly Shuler, a senior consultant at the Joan Ganz Cooney Centre, the facility responsible for the study, stated; “If we can encourage kids to engage in books through an iPad, that’s a win already.”

Issues have however been raised about the validity of the findings. Bola, the operator of, raised concerns about the size of the study claiming that; “The study you quoted is quite deceptive,” implying that such a small group of children does not allow for extrapolation of the findings to children in general.

Alex Sabo, an independent children’s author, agreed that; “Anyway to encourage children to begin reading is surely a good thing, and we cannot have negative opinions of iPad’s and Kindle’s just because they’re electronic. They are helping children and we must embrace them for that.”

This is the first major study into the area of e-books and looks set to pave the way for future research opportunities. “As far as I’m aware, at this juncture, there hasn’t been substantive research done on this,” said Nicole Deming, a spokesperson for the Children’s Book Council, a children’s book publisher based in New York.

  1. Miss Alexandrina says:

    This is very interesting! I guess it depends on what one has been brought up on. I can’t pretend that I know of a reason why children would prefer e-books to physical books, but because there were no such things as e-books when I grew up and ‘found’ literature, they seem a little strange to me. Perhaps it is because we are truly in the digital age now? Children are used to these sorts of things where I am not.
    However, there are certain little things about physical books that make them great. That new book smell, for instance. The ruffle of pages under one’s fingers. I don’t know if I’ll ever be used to an e-reader. Only time will tell…

    Alex Brant 🙂

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