Operation Hammer

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Image“Let the child go.”  Rodriguez heard the shouted order through the crushing weight of his visored helmet. Sweat trickled down his back in the stifling heat of a Texan sun. His eyes stung and he struggled to stop himself from lifting the visor and wiping the sweat away. The door was just ahead, the sounds of a child screaming fought with the loudspeaker for dominance. He fingered the trigger of his gun itching to get in and neutralise the situation before it got out of hand.

From somewhere in the depths of the house a shot rang out and the screaming child immediately went quiet.

“Go go go.” The order came through loud and clear and Rodriguez immediately crashed the battering ram against the wooden door. The flimsy barricade gave through with a splintering crack and the immigration team thrust its way into the dim interior.

Rodriguez rushed through into the building, his gun raised high and eyes searching for the target. Signalling left his team split into two and he led one group further on to where the lounge was located.

“Police! Get on the ground!” The order sounded from every point around the building as the team broke down the backdoor and smashed through the side windows.

The shot rang out from somewhere ahead and Rodriguez broke into a run along the hallway and into the lounge where his training took over and three bullets ripped through the body of the target. The drug smuggler crumpled to the ground, dead before his body hit the carpet.

“Target down,” he reported.

Holding his breath Rodriguez scanned the living room for any sign of the child. Nothing could be seen. “Find the child,” he ordered. A few seconds a child began crying from a small room just off the hallway and Rodriguez let out his breath, the stomach clenching fear immediately loosening its grip on his stomach.

“What’s the status of the child Sergeant?”  The voice of the chief filtered softly through his earpiece and Rodriguez gladly reported the good news. “Excellent. Withdraw your men Sergeant and we’ll bring the drug dogs in.”

“Roger that. Ok boys back it up.”

“Erm Sergeant. You may want to look at this.”

“What is it Tony? Oh fuck. Everyone out.” The ticking dial showed 20 seconds.



Barely enough time to get out. His men ran as fast as they could for any exit available. Windows were smashed all over the house as his men fought desperately to escape the impending doom.

Following their lead Rodriguez turned and leapt for the nearest window. Shards of glass ripped his cheek open and cut through the tough fabric of his uniform but the soft breeze of the outside world was all that Rodriguez could feel as he felt the threat of impending destruction lift slightly.




The noise sent the Sergeants head into a spinning vortex and the blast lifted him from the soft grass and sent him crashing against the fence. His eyes flittered shut and darkness became the supreme power in Rodriguez’s world.


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