Day 1

Posted: May 1, 2012 in 201MC

18th October

For the 201MC module at University we are are required to complete 20 days of relevant professional work experience, both in relevance to our course and prospective future careers. It is therefore necessary for me to undertake either a personal project or work experience placement that will challenge me and allow me to expand my abilities beyond those i currently possess.

It was with this in mind that i have decided to create an independent project through an online blog i helped set-up, with the aim of raising money for charity.

Our blog has begun getting between 100 and 200 hits a day and we have started build strong links with other independent writers and artists through our Twitter and Facebook pages. We know we want to do something a little bit special for Christmas to help us raise money for Charity so we have formed an event on Facebook and have invited lots of authors to it and have posed one question to them.

How can we raise money for charity this Christmas?

We already have quite a few replies ranging from sell a Kidney to write an e-book. Naturally we haven chosen the e-book. We can’t drink so much with one Kidney.

We have concluded that an anthology of short stories compiled from a number of different authors would be better than one novel written in a short space of time by one author. And this way numerous people would be able to do something to help Charity this Christmas time.

With the idea sorted we have now moved on to finding a theme for the book. We all thought that writing children’s stories wouldn’t work in an e-book without the pictures that children like, and that most traditional Christmas stories are primarily geared towards children.

So instead we have decided to go in a completely opposite direction and have decided to do something very different. We have decided to base the e-book in the Horror and Thriller genres with a Christmas twist.


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