Day 15

Posted: May 1, 2012 in 201MC

24th November

My story is now completed and ready for inclusion in the document. With my contribution (story-wise) over i have moved on to editing and proof-reading the other submissions we have received. I have also had Alex send me his story to read through to check if he has made any small mistakes, English is only his second language so a few spelling mistakes and grammatical problems may need changing.

I have made a cursory search of creating a Kindle ebook from a word document.

I have been able to find a great deal of information on sites like Amazon and Smashwords which outline, in detail, the process of conversion.

They also point you towards great software which you will need to convert to .Mobi format, software which you are able to download for free.

The book is now entering it’s final stages. We have enough stories to make up the five we wanted to we have chosen our favourite five at the moment and got them ready to include in the word document.


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