Day 2

Posted: May 1, 2012 in 201MC, Uncategorized

19th October

With the genre and general plan for the e-book outlined we have moved on to the authors that would contribute to the anthology.

We have set up a separate Facebook event and have begun advertising it through Facebook and Twitter. The authors and artisits who helped us with the initial stages of the e-books conception are also promoting the anthology and we already have a number of authors expressing an interest in helping us in this cause.

Between us, me and Alex have decided to set a deadline of the 10th of December and have let the writers know. This gives them around one month in which to complete a short story of between 2,500 and 7,500 words.

With the genre and deadline set and agreed upon we now turn our attention to writing our own contributions to the book, and more pressingly, finding the perfect front-cover to grab the attention of buyers and raise as much money as we can for charity.

I have created a two page plan for my short story and have just begun researching Las Vegas to ensure the setting is as accurate and realistic as possible. I will begin writing the story tomorrow.


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