Day 9

Posted: May 1, 2012 in 201MC

28th October – edited with new images on 2nd November

I was up for the majority of last night conversing with the group over at the Masquerade Crew, discussing ways to promote the ebook once it is finished at they showed great support for what we were doing.

They also offered to review the book for us once it was done, they also suggested i seek other blogs and reviewers to review the book as this can be a great way the word out about what we are trying to do. But that is getting a little ahead of ourselves at the moment.

With the majority of the work done, in terms of answering questions and seeking permission for the artwork, we have once again turned our attention back to promoting the book through the dedicated Twitter page and writing our own contributions.

We have also recieved a reply from Britt seeking more information about the charity but seemingly being open to the idea of us using his artwork. No need to hunt for another image. More time to finish the other half of my story.

I have shot off a quick reply explaining some more points about the work we are aiming to do. Fingers crossed he gives us permission to us it as it is the best artwork we have seen and is such a great image to draw people into finding out more about the ebook.


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