Updated CV

Posted: May 9, 2012 in 201MC

Jamie Hall

Address: 27 Mulberry Road, Court House Green, Coventry

Mobile: 07791807370 Email Address: jay_l_hall@hotmail.co.uk




Lyng Hall Secondary School and Specialist Sports College 2002-2007


15 GCSE’s passed including an A in English Literature and an A* in English Language and a B in Maths.

In addition to this I achieved a BTEC in Sports Science and a short course GCSE in Religious Education.


Lyng Hall Secondary School Sixth Form 2007 – 2010


I achieved three A-Levels. These were:

Psychology – B

History – B

Biology – C


I also achieved 3 AS-Levels. These were:

General Studies – B

English Language and Literature – B

English Language – C


Relevant work experience


During my GCSE’s I was part of a team of four people who set up the first newspaper at my school. This included negotiating a budget for the printing of the paper and setting up a staff to write the articles. I acted as editor of the paper up until my final year when I stepped back to write the some articles based upon school and local news. In total I worked on this paper as an editor and journalist (both print and photo) for around a year and a half. I learnt valuable skills during this time.


I also work as co-founder and writer for an online literary blog called “ThatFantasyBlog”. Through this medium I have been responsible for networking with various writers and publishing houses around the world as-well as interfacing with readers and other bloggers about the work we do. I was in-charge of creating an e-book within which we published short horror stories from different authors from different countries around the world. This e-book was sold through online sites like Amazon with all profits being given to UNICEF. This e-book sold over 1000 copies through its two month selling period.


These include:


•             Learning to use relevant editing software for articles and photographs.

•             Editing the various articles and photographs submitted.

•             Interviewing techniques for prospective journalists.

•             Interviewing techniques for articles.

•             Gathering information for articles via the internet, telephone or in person.

•             The ability to collate the information into original articles for publication.

•             Organising the news team to ensure articles were written and submitted on time.


Previous work employment

May 2007 – Current, Wilkinson (Cathedral lanes, Coventry), Part time Customer Service Sales Assistant. This is a large national retail chain where I work as part of the seasonal team. Working as part of such a large team I have had to create good communication and team working skills which put me in good stead when conducting interviews and working with new people. I have had the pleasure of interacting with numerous types of people in society allowing me to recognise and approach various situations in different manners to achieve the best result.




  • I am currently in my second year at Coventry University, studying a BA Honours Journalism and Media Studies course. This course has therefore provided me with the following skills:
  • I am able to write an article intended for print based publication.
  • I am able to write a script and cues for broadcast journalism both through moving images and over the radio.
  • I have been given the necessary skills to use an edirol recording device.
  • I am able to use the Sony VG10 video recording camera.
  • I am familiar with the running of a digital radio studio and have some experience reading news bulletins using this equipment.
  • I am aware of the laws and regulations that control the reporting of stories.
  • I have been taught and I have put into practice interview techniques.
  • I am able to use a Song VG10 HD recording video camera.
  • I am familiar with numerous editing software; including Adobe Audition, Photoshop and     Premier Pro.
  • Formatting – I have the ability to format and edit a document to make it suitable for both   publication to an online medium, and to publish documents for a Kindle or other e-reader   device.
  • I have prior experience of editing article and short stories from various different writers. These include short articles about political developments and 7,500 word stories I have edited prior to publication.




  • Television/ Film – During my spare time I enjoy watching films and television programmes based in various genres. This has led me to write a number of articles reviewing the various films and television shows that I watch.


  • Reading – I have always enjoyed reading various books by various authors and spend much of my free time devouring numerous books. I have amassed a large number of books and have also written a number of reviews based upon some of the books I have read recently.


  • Writing – My love of reading has steadily led me to begin writing some of my own stories and novels. This love of writing was the driving force behind me setting up my own literary blog and bringing in a team of gifted and talented writers and designers to help me run it.




  • IT Skills – I have good knowledge of computers and use them on a daily basis. I also have a familiarity with Mac’s and am able to use them aswell.



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