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This is a passage from Alex on my role during the project.

It’s safe to say without Jaime Hall this e-book would not have happened. Jamie sent out emails wrote all the posts and advertised it as much as possible. “Scream for Charity” is a collection of short stories which were collected from multiple authors who I have met just after the book was out, Jaime was in contact with those people long before that.


Updated CV

Posted: May 9, 2012 in 201MC

Jamie Hall

Address: 27 Mulberry Road, Court House Green, Coventry

Mobile: 07791807370 Email Address:




Lyng Hall Secondary School and Specialist Sports College 2002-2007


15 GCSE’s passed including an A in English Literature and an A* in English Language and a B in Maths.

In addition to this I achieved a BTEC in Sports Science and a short course GCSE in Religious Education.


Lyng Hall Secondary School Sixth Form 2007 – 2010


I achieved three A-Levels. These were:

Psychology – B

History – B

Biology – C (more…)

Day 20

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18th March

Today i have taken the ebook down from sale.


Day 19

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10th January

The ebook has entered a three day free promotional period on Amazon with the hope that this will drastically increase the sale of the book.

After five hours on promotion the book has sold a further 70 copies and has risen to #89 in the free ebook list. Hopefully this will increase the number of reviews we will receive and increase the number of sales we make when the ebook goes back to cost.

We have also received a new review.


Day 18

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23rd December

We have spent the majority of the past few weeks promoting the sale of the ebook through sites like Twitter, Hubpages, Facebook and Mibba.

We also had our book reviewed through another literary review blog which we have networked with previously through Twitter, The Masquerade Crew.


Day 17

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11th December

I have just finished editing Alex’s book so now all the stories are in the ebook and i have finally managed to convert it into a .Mobi format. It was a little trickier than i first thought it would be.

I uploaded the .Mobi file to Amazon and in 12 hours the ebook will have passed the review period and, all going well, it will be onsale in the UK and the USA. In a further 48 hours the book will also be on sale in non-english speaking countries.

The ebook is now online for sale on both Amazon and Smashwords.


Day 16

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10th December

Today is the final deadline day for the ebook. We have received no more submissions so we have decided to include Katy Hulme, Alex Brant, Rebecca Besser, Myself and Alex as contributors to the ebook.

I have begun to edit through Alex’s book, adjusting the few mistakes while changing the tense from past tense to present to make the book a little scarier.

With the final stories decided upon and in the final stages of editing i began putting the words into the final word document. I have also created an interactive contents page and begun to put the document into the desired format to allow for easier conversion.