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The latest Coventry conversation took place today and we were all treated to a visit from one of the biggest names in British Journalism. The visiting Professor of Journalism and channel 4 news anchor, Jon Snow, visited us today and gave us a great insight into the world of journalism that Snow is right at the for-front of. (more…)


Paul Abbot, a famous TV writer and the driving force behind the hugely successful channel 4 comedy shameless and now its American spin-off. When Paul Abbot was announced as part of the line-up for this years Coventry Conversations there was predictable hubbub of excitement. Even for those who do not watch shameless, like me, it was an exciting prospect to have one of the country’s foremost script writers coming to our very lecture halls to talk to us about what his life is like and how he came to become of the country’s most exciting writers. (more…)

The Man from Nowhere

Posted: May 19, 2011 in final folio, Reviews

The Man from Nowhere stars Won Bin as Cha Tae-Sik a reclusive brooding individual with a shady past, who spends most of his days closed off from the rest of the world in his dingy apartment near the pawn shop he runs. Generally Cha Tae Sik avoids any contact with the rest of humanity beyond the running of his shop. The one exception to this comes in the form of a young girl who lives above them. She is the neglected daughter of a drug addict. Thanks to their shared status of outsiders the two characters share a kindred spirit type relationship. (more…)

Where do I begin with this letter? Well for one thing I have a bit of a problem. See ive already read this letter way back when I was you and you were someone else entirely. This means I already know what im supposed to be writing here. And while that means I can be done in five minutes and back to watching some TV ive come to the realisation that perhaps fate is true and our futures are written and cannot be changed. Every word I read a year ago has not changed and in a years time these will be typed once more by you so take notice, print this off and keep it somewhere safe. When you come to type you will have lost the print out but not to worry you will find it hidden down the back of the sofa after an hour of hunting. (more…)

Who is Andy Kershaw? Before his visit to Coventry University I would have answered that he was a radio DJ, albeit a rather famous and successful one. Now however, I am far more enlightened as to the real Mr Kershaw. (more…)

Maybe this wouldn’t be considered as an extra curricular activity by most but with every spare moment i get between University and Work i spend it with the most important person in my life.


One of the most frequent issues being raised about the media in this modern age revolves around the representation of women in the various media outlets we as an individual are exposed to on any daily basis.

The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media has conducted numerous surveys into this area to show to the public how unbalanced the world of the Media has been and maybe still is in this area of fair and equal representation of people regardless of gender. (more…)