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A new study has recently revealed that given the choice between printed or electronic books, most children will choose to read electronically.

The study was conducted in a short space of time and with a very small sample group of just 24 families, with children ranging in age between three to six. The study concluded that the majority of children preferred to read on an electronic format.

Carly Shuler, a senior consultant at the Joan Ganz Cooney Centre, the facility responsible for the study, stated; “If we can encourage kids to engage in books through an iPad, that’s a win already.” (more…)


The Man from Nowhere

Posted: May 19, 2011 in final folio, Reviews

The Man from Nowhere stars Won Bin as Cha Tae-Sik a reclusive brooding individual with a shady past, who spends most of his days closed off from the rest of the world in his dingy apartment near the pawn shop he runs. Generally Cha Tae Sik avoids any contact with the rest of humanity beyond the running of his shop. The one exception to this comes in the form of a young girl who lives above them. She is the neglected daughter of a drug addict. Thanks to their shared status of outsiders the two characters share a kindred spirit type relationship. (more…)

If you were to think of a Japanese film centered around a group of deadly assassins im sure what comes to mind is an action heavy blood letting orgy of simple plot lines and shallow characters wielding swords and chopping limbs and heads from mortal bodies. However, the Accident is a thriller that attempts to be deep and involving for the audience as it delves into its main characters deeper, more emotional levels. However, this delving is done with a small toothpike and takes so long I had begun to lose my interest in the story and the characters.  (more…)

Big Tits Zombies

Posted: January 9, 2011 in final folio, Reviews

Big Titted Zombies was my first foray into the world of East Asian Cinema and a shaky unsure foray it turned out to be. Advertised as a comedy horror shot in 3D never have I been more deceived by advertising agencies. (more…)

A village in its later stages

In a world of shifting alliances and bloody steel very few warriors ever make it to the top of the world. Leaving countless enemies in their wake the warriors who do rise to power do so with a bloody sword in one hand and a knife to backstab in the other. This world of ever shifting powers and political mastery is known simply as, Tribal Wars.


Grown Ups Review

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Reviews
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Adam Sandler

While Adam Sandler’s latest movie outing, Grown Ups, offers nothing in the way of deep meaningful insights into the deep connection between a grown man and his inner child it achieves what most Adam Sandler films set out to accomplish, a crude, obvious but still humorous 2 hour long film.