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Harrison Ford broke his ankle on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII.



edgar-wrightNow this is a bit of a step backwards isn’t it? It’s currently being reported that Edgar Wright has left Marvel’s Ant Man project “due to differences  in their vision of the film.”  It’s believed that Marvel has already moved to secure his replacement and it is not thought that this loss will effect the films July 17th 2015 release date.

There have been no other changes with Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly still expected to star.

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Check out this Amazing first trailer for World War Z.

Day 16

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10th December

Today is the final deadline day for the ebook. We have received no more submissions so we have decided to include Katy Hulme, Alex Brant, Rebecca Besser, Myself and Alex as contributors to the ebook.

I have begun to edit through Alex’s book, adjusting the few mistakes while changing the tense from past tense to present to make the book a little scarier.

With the final stories decided upon and in the final stages of editing i began putting the words into the final word document. I have also created an interactive contents page and begun to put the document into the desired format to allow for easier conversion.

Day 10

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31st October

We are now a few days from a quarter of the way towards the deadline for the ebook and we have just recieved our first submission. The author, Rebecca Besser, is a successful writer and editor who has worked at numerous magazines throughout her career.

This is the information on her Facebook profile.


Day 5

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21st October

We have some adapted logos completed and online today.

The poll for the artwork front cover has proven inconclusive, but it has managed to whittle the contenders down to a final two. We therefore took to Twitter and asked the world which one they preferred. (more…)

Day 4

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We still can’t agree on which artwork we like the best so we have left the decision up to the contributors and helpers through a new Facebook poll. We have also looked into the artists behind the work and got a number of email addresses and emails drafted up and ready to send.

My colleague on this blog, Alex, is a great freelance designer and has created some great logos for us, as shown below. (more…)